Men and Gods

I am proud of my astrological sign-Aries. Number 1- always. Valiant, brave, pioneering...What can I say? Everything that could be right with the world is summed up in the folklore of my sign's Greek legend. 

For me there is shame in tears, pity and even in assuming the victim role. 

Last night, my shame knew no bounds. After returning from my failed latte experience where several patrons refused to sit next to me and I was charged nearly doubly as a surety of keeping me away from the establishment once and for all, I quite unexpectedly lost it. 

When Gods Fail Men

Covering my hair in a scarf, I plumped my pillows and slid into bed anticipating nothing but sweet dreams. Twenty minutes later consumed by the anger and shame of that experience, I started to cry so badly that my congestion momentarily cleared up. 


It is beyond dehumanising. It is powerlessness unparalleled. And I never want to feel that way again.