Food Diaries

I try to show the traditional aspects to life while I am here. This includes food; however this week's review in food is not that traditional i.e. Middle Eastern. Well, except for the tea, everything on this week's menu can be found on any restaurant's menu from around the world. 

What I must confess, is that although I have never been an avid coffee drinker, since coming to this part of the world, my appreciation and tolerance for this beverage has certainly grown. 

To be honest, it has more than grown. I am growing more and more addicted to the smooth blend of Middle Eastern coffee. It is so smooth; subtle but rich. I find English and American coffee just too harsh in taste and so I have always avoided them. Now, thankfully, I have a reason to indulge. 

As for the other items on this past week's menu, I tried my best to eat consciously. Notice, I did not say clean. 

Sometimes the cravings are just too strong, but I tried to balance out my cravings for pizza etc. with vegan options. I tried. 

Nonetheless, salads were in full abundance this week making it a not so difficult attempt to continue my healthy dietary lifestyle. 

Restaurant Review

I keep on promising to do a restaurant review. And I think that I have found the perfect two to start. I don't think that I have ever come across two restaurants that could be any more organic than these two. 

Only one restaurant's specialty (fish) is mentioned in this post though. I promise to do a post on both in the weeks ahead. 

The fish are grown in fresh water man made lakes on the restaurant's property. As you order, fish are caught, cleaned and prepared for eating. Everything is just fresh. 

It really makes you wonder why restaurants in the West are not more self-sustaining. If you can grow your own menu items, does not everyone win. 

It is so organic that you can find roosters, hens... you get the picture running around the open plan restaurant, which has a very relaxed backyard barbecue feel. For those who prefer, there are cabins off to the side in which patrons can have some privacy and shelter. 

I will definitely do a full review as at the time of writing this post, I cannot for the life of me remember the name. My negligence aside, this restaurant deserves to be given respect in the right way.