I am not going to apologise...

It has been about 12 weeks shy of almost a year since I last posted.

I am not going to apologise. I can't.

I needed the break (as if blogging was a full-time obligation) to grow some more.

Remember I started my hiatus with my last blog entry entitled, 'What I know for sure'.

And I told you everything.

I needed to learn some more 'for sures'.

And you are going to read all about it soon.

Just stay tuned and have a great day.


Petra Marie...Inspired Be

What I know for sure

This is what I know for sure:

  • In life, it is not the victories or defeats that matter, but the person that you become because of them.

  • A man can and will only love you as much as he loves himself.

  • All you have in this thing called life is your dignity and your self-respect

  • We are all a child of God and we all share the same destiny- death.

  • The universe is the only real parent on earth- It has the best seat in the house, knows everything and cannot be manipulated. The universe is always wise and loving. 

  • As beautiful heaven is, it will never be as beautiful as standing in the presence of a confident self-possessed man who loves you. 

  • Never consider marriage until and unless you have decided that you are responsible for your self-respect and dignity and know how to achieve and live it every day. 

  • Nobody knows you quite like your sibling and it is the closest to an unconditional love that can be experienced on earth. 

Petra Marie…Inspired Be

Retraction Necessary!

I am not going to lie to you guys, I have been through very terrifying ordeals over the last few years concerning what I am about to talk about.

I never talk about it directly, but coming off of what was stated by a senior government official on my evening news, I feel now and felt then when I heard it compelled to say something on the matter.

"Marijuana is more respectable"

As if I have never heard so much bullshit in my life.

Hear me out.


Marijuana has been around since Adam was a lad, right? Definitely. It is a herb or plant or whatever you want to call it like all the other herbs and plants on Mother Earth.

Why then would it not be 'respectable' ?

After all with that premise marijuana cannot surely have any inherent obscenity.

Do you want to know what then makes it obscene?

It is the behaviours and attitudes associated with the use of this herb.

I know all to well, hence my opening statement.

People nowadays have used their right to use and sell marijuana as their right to violate (in the strictest meaning of this word), bully, persecute and humiliate people. More likely than not people who do not use this substance.

I am a writer by trade and yet still there are no words that I could possibly use to describe or explain my experiences at the hands of this select group of people.


Now I understand! It is not respectability; the word that should have been used is popularity because it does not seem to be a select group anymore but the masses.

They assume that they have power and probably do, only but for the reason that they engage in these 'respectable' activities and with that notion of power, go out of their way to deliberately violate, dehumanise and publicly lynch people for no apparent 'respectable' reason.

Then when they are sadly held accountable for their actions, they sadly use their right to do whatever with marijuana as some kind of a scapegoat excuse and more importantly, argue that because you are standing up for your human right not to be violated that you are the immortal enemy of all marijuana users.

Are you kidding me!!!!????

I personally don't care if that is what you do with your life. Smoking weed is not a reflection of one's character or not. I am just saying it is not my kind of thing. What is absurd about the whole thing is people using their right to smoke marijuana as an excuse as to why I do not have a right to be!

I am human just like the rest of you and your smoking weed does not give you the right, the authority or the power to violate me.

So like I said before, the correct word should have been popular and not respectability, because in this context, these people do not understand what respect is let alone do it.

Petra Marie…Inspired Be

Sex and the Barbadian Woman

Since the 90's it was thought that women had finally made it. They were making their own money, taking care of their families regardless of whether a man was around or not and raising responsible, self-sufficient children. With these successes, it was argued that women had made significant strides in society. Of course these circumstances were by no means peculiar in Barbados- they were and still are the norm in most cases. 

Even though we have made these strides, I want to argue strongly that women, particularly in Barbados have not made any strides whatsoever. All of their apparent successes and accomplishments are nullified when you look at sex and its impact on Barbadian women. 

Firstly and sadly, sex is not an issue of the Barbadian woman but for the Barbadian female. Because to say woman would mean adult. No way! Sex is an issue for all Barbadian females from day one. 

And I do not understand why!!! Why Barbadian men (and women) are so fixated with the misuse of sex on Barbadian females. 

Sexual abuse in Barbados is pervasive. It is part of the culture. And that is a fact. So much so that any woman who finds it necessary to stand up against any form of sexual abuse no matter how slight is looked at as a weak moron of an idiot. 

It is a ridiculous fact of life for Barbadian females. 

Men feel it is Godly to have girls from the age of 15/16 breeding. That is what they are supposed to be doing. Forget all this education and professionalism bullshit. No Vashti! This is the point of view that fuels many fathers and uncles and grandfathers to break in girls for their own delight. 

And because sex is looked at as nothing sacred, its abuse is ALWAYS overlooked. Like I said for survivors of abuse and violence it is virtually impossible to get the help and support that is so badly needed. It is absolutely critical that survivors feel like their voice, their experience and their dignity matters. 

Not in Barbados. The day that happens is when Blackbird would have to suck teeth. 

And the scars are sooooo damn debilitating. It is just pure evil what men do to females all for the sake of sex. 

10 Pound Pledge: Happiness is the Truth

Hey guys!!

Back again with another one of my personal days in review of the 10 Pound Pledge exercise program. 

I am going to change things up a bit. The first post I started by reviewing my exercise sessions; however today I am going to focus on the nutrition aspect of it first and then go to the exercises. 


In the first post of this series, I spoke about the invaluable advice offered by Kamila McDonald-Alcock. It changed my perspective on eating instantly. And when I say instant, I mean it. I stopped immediately eating all those honey roasted nuts. Anyone who knows me, particularly my family, knows that I have a serious addiction to honey roasted nuts. I could easily sit down and eat a whole can, maybe even two without reservations. When I read 10PP's explanation on why sugars should be avoided I felt an internal, emotional and spiritual switch to sugar and my fav indulgence- honey roasted nuts. 

Honey roasted nuts

That evening, before I had the chance to let her know, my mom had actually bought an entire bag of honey roasted nuts for me. They are still sitting in the same grocery bag. I have refused to eat them. Refused. I am not even suffering from withdrawal. 

I must admit though that nuts are my favourite snack hands down. And so not to deprive myself of this healthy indulgence, I have opted for baked nuts instead- and only a handful at a time. No more cans for me. 


I realised something since I changed up my diet: the most difficult thing was not keeping sugar out of my diet, it was actually salt. And to be honest, I don't like it that much. But after reading Kamila, I obviously came into a new state of consciousness when it came to food and my choices. So, after perusing many labels I realised that sodium content was kinda high. Furthermore, I honestly thought that to have good tasting food salt, well honestly bouillon cubes had to be added. That mindset has subsequently changed. As Kamila suggested, it was necessary for me to change up my palette from the harshness of salt to the complex melody of flavours that herbs infuse in any meal. 

I have been doing just that, using no salt where ever necessary and for seasoning adding a tantalising blend of herbs. For instance, scramled egg white or a egg white omelette does not require any salt whatsoever. Instead I use some chives, scallion, thyme etc to get the flavours going. And it is soooo good guys. So So good. 

However, there are some things where a little salt really is necessary. There is no other way to get around it, I think. For instance last week I showed on my instagram (@petranoelarthur) boiled herbed potatoes. Boiling the potato with the skin on, I needed just a bit of salt during the boiling process. And so I used sea salt as opposed to table salt. It was good. 

So you guys, get herbed up! It will change your palette and offer you a new found appreciation for the unbelievable herbs and spices that the Caribbean has to offer. 


I have never liked milk. Never. I guess I am a bit lactose intolerant. Since starting 10pp I wanted to focus on the healthier plant and seed based milks. Most popular choice in this category is almond milk. I just want to say not all Almond milks  are created equal. 

Do not run to the supermarket and just reach for almond milk as I unfortunately did because I assumed all are good for you. When I opened it the next morning and sat down to a bowl of muesli I just happened to turn the box to the side with the nutrition content. Low and Behold guys, I realised that the sugar content of this particular almond milk was way more than I bargained for. Way more. I never expected that. Further to that I looked at the ingredient list, and sure enough added sugars were listed: cane sugar and I assume gum

Almond milk: get the facts straight!

I am done with that. As of then, I eat my muesli with guess what- hot water. It tastes great and there is no guilt.At the end of the day the muesli has enough sugar in it already with the raisins and other dried fruit.  

So remember guys not all almond milks are created equal at all. Please check them out carefully. 

So what has this change in diet done for me?

So much!! I immediately feel the difference. And people are beginning to notice too! My skin is getting back its pre teen luster and I just feel so much lighter on the inside, if you know what I mean. 

Oh! How could I forget. I forgot to mention probably one of the most important developments in my diet overhaul. I challenged myself to not eat meat. I am so damn proud of myself. I actually followed through! Let me tell you, nothing means more than self-respect! I did eat some fish, but that is not meat. Remember I am living amongst people who are devouring some really nice cuts of chicken and lamb and beef. So it is not that easy at all. But I am totally committed to the task at hand. As Kamila says Out Do You!

On day 8 I believe I had a bit of set back that did not allow me to do day 9. Bummer. I was watching a late night tv program with my beautiful sister when out the corner of my eye, I spied a huge centipede!! I screamed "Centipede!!!!" and my sister and I were like gymnasts in that living room. We somersaulted, belly crawled, skipped and jumped in all but 10 seconds to get out of the room. I don't know how I got it done. I really don't. However, I tensed up so hard at the sight of the damn centipede that by the time I got up the next morning I was feeling absolutely sore and limping. I wanted to exercise, but I just could not even move my leg high enough to walk. 

I burn up such a sweat working out that with an injury I could not continue

Glad to say though, that I remembered Kamila during the cool down video saying that that particular video could be done anywhere anytime when you were still feeling the strain of a workout. Even though it was not the ideal situation for which the cool down video was prescribed, I decided to use it to recover. 

And it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not believe it! I did the video and in 30 minutes, it was like I never even had the damn muscle pull. I seriously cannot believe it. Seriously.

As for the exercises, I am coming along and getting better every day. I am increasing the number of reps in each session while building muscle strength. I am proud of my commitment and the already evidenced results. 

So proud

So check it out guys!! 10 Pound Pledge at www.10poundpledge.com and start your journey today!!

Petra Marie…Inspired Be

10 pound pledge week 1 review*

So, I have taken the pledge. As you guys know, I declared in February that I wanted to be fitness and health conscious for 2014.

I started this endeavour by doing spin cycling and focusing on my diet. Little did I know that a few months later, the 10 pound pledge would be launched; offering me a definitive plan to achieve my goals. The 10 pound pledge exercise series and nutrition guide guarantees the results of losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks if the combo package was purchased.

I purchased the basic package which was designed for those people who already had an existing exercise routine and wanted to challenge themselves to go a little bit further in their fitness health. As a result, the guaranteed results of losing 10 pounds may or may not be seen in the allotted time of 5 weeks . But I am totally stoked to see what the results will be because there will be results, guaranteed!

I will be chronicling my progress, trials, tribulations and triumphs throughout the coming weeks and months. I will do so on a weekly basis; this week being the first. The reviews will be broken down into two segments: The Workout and secondly 10PP Meals.

Day one @ 6:30 : I l-o-v-e the structure of this exercise program. It starts off with the warm up, and it is a real warm up. Fuh real!! By the time you are done doing this 5 minute warm up you will be sweating a lot.

I went into the first routine, 'Soaked'. I got through it, but I don't think that I looked as good as Kamila. Further to that, it is in this first workout that I realised my weak areas when it comes to fitness, flexibility and strength.

The segment with the plank routine was the most challenging for me. Holding a plank two counts of eight, I never thought could be so challenging. Add to that plank jumps!

Because that segment was tough on me, I was a little disappointed in myself and vowed to get it the next time. That was the same night. I prepared my mind for it and got to work. A little progress, but I was still not satisfied with my performance.

So I am facing a conundrum. Do I continue on to the other videos, or do I stick out one video until I have achieved that level of self-respect that I so greatly privilege.

I have always been of the opinion, it is not the end result- 10 pounds in 5 weeks, but the person that you become as a result of challenging yourself that really matters. So... I think that is why on a subconscious level I purchased the basic.

But with that said, I am pretty svelte as it is. However my problem area is my core. Now the basic package does of course incorporate core exercises throughout their work out routines; however it is not the focus of just (one) video(s) like the Combo package has.

So, I am taking these couple of days to think about  getting the Combo series after all. It is just that I will not be sticking to the 5 week goal because I now know that I will be doing over several of the videos probably a couple times before moving on to the next one so that I can feel a sense of mastery after each work out.

* At the time of writing this above section of the blogpost, I was on the basic package (June 19th). As I continue to write this post on June 24th I have subsequently purchased the full Combo package but I am continuing my review on the first few days on the basic.

Day 2 (basic package) 

I chose 'Jamaican Beach Body'. Let me tell yuh!! As we say in Barbados, "Cheese on breeaaaadddd!!" I must say after I felt so damn proud of myself. I stuck it through. But like the first day revealed to me, I must work on strength. And I will

Day 3 (basic package) 

I chose 'Red Hot'. It was perhaps my best exercise workout session. I still dropped dead though so much so I was not able to film my after workout vid. I had a real sense of achievement after. It was at this time that I seriously started feeling sore. My back, shoulders, arms, thighs, legs, glutes, even ankles felt the strain of the days' prior exercises. The only place where I really did not feel it was my stomach. Even with all those planks and burpees. 

This was the day I thought long and hard about my choice in the basic package. I really wanted to feel something in my core, stomach. With that longing, I switched my basic to the Combo and now I am on that programme. 

Day 4- rest. 

Day 5- I was not too sure how long the process of upgrading would take, so I went straight into another of the basic package videos. I chose 'Sexy in 600'. Damn!! That's all I have to say on that, thank you. 


I must say one of the most incredible things about the 10pp is the nutrition guide. So many exercise series come with nutrition plans...but not like this one!!

Kamila Mcdonald-Alcock lays it out in full detail just how detrimental some foods are to your health. This guide made me look at food in a COMPLETELY different way!!! And mind you, I am health conscious to the 't'. But I never thought or understood food like this before reading the 10pp nutrition guide. 

This guide is worth the entire programme in cost. 

I immediately switched my diet up after reading this. I challenged myself to exclude sugar and salt from my diet as well as meat. In the few days that I have done this, I have chosen to season pretty much everything with natural flavours of herbs. It tastes sooo good!! Seriously, try it. No salt or sugar and it is soooo good.

And I must say that I feel so much better for it.  More updates to follow, y'all!

Check out the pics below to see how the first few days have been for me in the kitchen, but first look at my after workout vids.

Egg white omelette with chives, basil, dill, thyme and NO SALT

Egg White Omelette in progress 

Finished product: egg white omelette with beans and lentils

Couscous with tomato, lettuce and feta cheese (oops!) 

My infuser for some nice natural herbal tea! Nettle, Goldenseal

Breakfast Muesli

Sweet potato creamed with almond milk and olive oil served with steamed veg and eggplant

Tangy salad: Herbed and pickled zucchini salad
Classic Caribbean Sunday Dish: Rice and peas!

Snack attack: Popcorn on the hob! Made it myself. Again no SALT

Lunch menu: plantains, 3 small slices not the whole thing. Penne, zucchini, broccoli and scrambled egg whites with a little bit of vegetarian cheese on top. A micro pinch of salt was added to the penne.

Petra Marie…Inspired Be

May 2014 Fitness Challenge Update

Hi Guys!!

It has been a while, but nonetheless I am here to give you my much promised update on my fitness challenge.

Remember guys I came to you in the month of February, at the start, telling you that I was embarking on this new journey and shared with you my excitement as well as invited you to share this journey with me.

Since that time I did give some mini updates like my routine and my diet. Check out this video to see what's happened and is happening with my fitness challenge

And also don't forget to check out the 10poundpledge.com. Good stuff!

Petra Marie…Inspired Be

No title necessary, just read...

Barbadians are a fascinating people. This I always knew but it was confirmed to me not just through my experiences, but by the personal accounts and perspectives of Barbadians themselves.

What fascinates, if not dumbfounds me, is Barbadians' unwillingness to treat people- any person- at face value with the dignity and respect that should without condition be afforded to any human being. To be treated as such only comes after some kind of assessment, of which the criteria is class, power and money. Throughout my life in Barbados I have witnessed this template being applied unashamedly to the point where you would actually not dare doubt its absurdity.

Case and point, I once worked for an employer who made it their business upon you joining the organisation to take you home at the end of the first day of work, if public transport was your only mode. This was necessary because, according to them, where you lived and how your house looked determined if you could be considered as having pedigree. Of course you name, your lineage was taken into account and perhaps most notably where you went to school as well. If you did not attend the 'top three' schools, you weren't "nuhbody" and were 'reminded' where and when ever possible.

Imagine then my pleasure and astonishment when recently reading through some local  literary journals of the early 1930's and 40's, most notably, The Outlook, that this assessment, once thought of by me as an anomaly, was actually part of the very fiber of the Barbadian tapestry of life. In this groundbreaking journal, albeit a short lived 6 months, the contributors told the truth about this peculiar and fascinating state of consciousness of Barbadians, even going as far to compare it to that of Trinidadians.

Many anecdotal and short stories were offered as evidence of this way of assessing human worth and value.

"I ain't nuhbody, so dat is how I wud get treat."

While this journal gives an account of Barbados in colonial days, these conditions still apply to contemporary Barbados today. However, the criteria for evaluating and determining a person's worth and value has changed dramatically. Don't get it twisted! It is still a criteria based on "I am here and you are over there" mentality.

The criteria not only builds on the old; taking into account the socio-economic and education classification of Barbadians, but also extends to nationality, assertiveness/rebelliousness, association and your point of view on drugs. This determines where and if you are going to fit in comfortably into the collective.

Whereas, the socio-economic and education classification determined how far you could go up the totem pole, today in contemporary Barbados it is sadly a blight against your character. So often, even in political fora and other platforms on which public speaking is done, we hear of "them people up there on the hill who don't know what dey doing." But this perspective goes even further when getting an education or acting or behaving "bright" makes you some kind of leper. For a country, whose founding Father Barrow fought for free education up to the tertiary level, it is quite absurd to think that anyone who took the time to invest in themselves by the way of education is somehow looked at with disdain for just trying.

As for nationality, I don't have to argue my point if you are aware of the goings on in Barbados for the last 10 years and their relationship with "foreign people" across the region. The minute it becomes known that you are not Barbadian, but  a CARICOM national, you are marked with a scarlet X. It becomes almost impossible to be considered a Caribbean sister or brother, instead you are deemed an enemy who must be defeated if marriages and jobs are to be saved. And since everything is fair in love and war, treating non-nationals like they are human and entitled to a sense of dignity and self-respect is sadly (to use my favourite word) absurd.

Assertiveness and Rebelliousness. This one is my personal favourites because as the word 'personal' suggests, I have felt this one. Barbadians are considered the world over as perhaps the most passive of the Caribbean nationalities. Yet in some irony, in this part of the world, when you are quiet and Mary, Mary quite contrary, you are taken as some kind of a joke. You can't be polite, you can't be compassionate, you can't be forgiving and you can't be self-possessed. To be these things is to guarantee a character, and maybe even a physical assault too. The thinking behind this is, if you are the aforementioned in character, then you are fair game to be taken advantage of- bullied and humiliated. Why? You are not, it is assumed, going to fight back. Sadly in Barbados, assertiveness is only understood through curse words, fighting and true to their passive nature, Machiavellian tactics that are always subversive in nature.

While in colonial days one's ability to conform was taken into account in the assessment of worth and value, rebelliousness is today's bog standard.  The more wayward, outrageous and thuggish you are the more likely you are to be respected.

Hence, there is this aggression in Barbadians (I know ironic considering their passive reputation) that makes it impossible to treat people with a level of understanding and empathy. Just to survive you have to strip yourself of these normal human characteristics because to not do so would make you vulnerable to the most egregious attacks of character and reputation.

Last but by no means least, the extent to which you subscribe to the use of drugs will surely determine if and where you fit into society. For those who do not subscribe to it in any form or fashion, life is hell. You would think that if you don't have any business in that kind of business that they would just let you be. Sadly, it is absurd to think so.

As a young woman who came of age with no male presence around, I want to suggest another criteria to this list as well. Whether boy or girl, I do think that the extent to which you have a male presence in and around your life also determines if you are to be considered as human. If you have a strong male presence, especially the ignorant ones who don't mind spending some time in jail, I believe that even if society deems you not worthy to be treated with dignity and respect because of failing the criteria, your chances of making it through this maze is greatly improved.

As for my personal experience, like I said, I was not that fortunate to have such a male presence when I came of age and became aware of this fascinating state of affairs. Maybe if I did, life would have turned out quite differently for me.

Petra Marie…Inspired Be

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano, L.A. Clippers, Black People and The American Public- Somebody's a Patsy

Americans and Racism. Need I say more? I think that phrase pretty much sums up the meaning of the word ambiguity. And the recent scandal of Donald Sterling's taped confessions highlighting his opinion of blacks is the perfect illustration of this conundrum. 

I look at this situation only to discern the rampant hypocrisy that characterises it. I mean really; seriously?

Donald Sterling is a man well reputed for having the views that were expressed on the tape. Despite this fact, people are reacting, the NBA and its associates in particular, like they are hearing this for the very first time. 

What is even more of note to show the level of hypocrisy and sheer lunacy of the scandal, is that up until but a short few weeks ago, the NAACP was about to honour this man for his contribution to society- minority society. 

Yet despite his sterling contribution to society, today, we hear from the players and the L.A. Clippers' team organisation of the chance of boycotts and walk-outs. I mean really?

All you signed your contracts and played for him knowing who the man was. The NBA is a small family and if you have been in the league for years you knew; furthermore, if you just joined, you did your homework and made it your business to become au fait with the grapevine. Therefore, knowledge of the owner's reputation, which there by informs the culture of the team and its organisation was guaranteed to be had. 

Donald Sterling
So this is my point. Stop being hypocritical. You knew and chose to play the game for him. If it is such an offence to play for him now, why wasn't it then?

And with the flagship organisation for blacks, chomping at the bit to honour him despite his well known prejudiced views, why are black people all of a sudden so disgusted by the man?

There has to be something more to this than meets the eye. 

I suspect, with the tapes being released on his birthday and his present day marital status, some other matter must be the real, albeit hidden reason for this fiasco. 

 So, don't get played or tied up. Save your harsh judgments and strong arguments before you end being a patsy. 

Petra Marie…Inspired Be

The reality of Reality TV and Black Women

From time to time, I like to dabble in Reality TV. What can I say? It is a guilty pleasure. Well at least it used to be, because for the past while I have realised a trend- a trend that went unnoticed because of the purported and evidenced 'entertainment' value of these shows. 

When I say these shows, I refer to reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives of LA, Love and Hip Hop and Blood Sweat and Heels. 

Let me tell you, after a hard day or week at work, they used to be my ultimate wind down. I did not have to spend any money to go anywhere or spend considerable time getting dolled up to go out- and that is a good thing!

And so, I indulged in these shows for quite some time, until recently when I realised the trend that I guess has gone unnoticed by millions of viewers or at least if noticed not taken into consideration. 

These shows particularly Real Housewives and Basketball Wives portray successful, beautiful, married black women who in most cases are mothers. And in an age of racial marginalisation on American TV the representation of these black women was seen as a good thing, and I suppose it is. The problem is, that while these black women of the upper middle class are finally being given an international platform, these shows perpetuate the stereotype of the angry black female. And it is NOT pretty. 

Basketball Wives of LA

Ok, angry may not be a bad thing, if you are talking about their responses to the frustrations experienced by black people as they try to make it in today's world. But we are unfortunately not talking about that kind of anger. If we were, we should call it the fire of motivation. 

Sadly, the anger that I see being displayed by these women on these reality shows is one of sheer lack of self-control, huge ego complexes and no ability whatsoever to handle disputes or disagreements in a mature manner. 

Everything and I mean everything is often taken with great offence. From "dry hi's" to someone not liking a wig. I mean the petty reasons are endless. 

Blood Sweat and Heels

And for these petty reasons, these women are prepared to snatch weaves! Cuss outs, fights, brawls the whole nine yards.

And this behaviour is coming from the most beautiful and successful of black women. And as a result of this platform, society is forced to believe that that is all a black woman is- contentious, acrimonious, loud, no diplomacy or self-control and forever needing the validation of other people's approval to feel respected. 

Displaying this kind of behaviour to the young generation of black women watching, does nothing to advance black people. And I think that that is the real tragedy of these shows. It is not what it does for these women's image, but it is the image and stereotype that they are building for young black women coming up the ranks.

These shows show all over the world. And in places where many people of other races do not have that much interaction with black people. These shows provide a glimpse into how black people behave and how they live. And while they show the opulence of black people's wealth and success, it sadly shows black people, women in particular in the most distasteful of ways. Ultimately, these international viewers are left to believe by default that what they see on TV is a fair and true representation of the black woman.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

That is so sad because it makes the strides of black people look insignificant. Because, let me tell you, if you are not capable of self-control, diplomacy and general decency on TV, why should I take your worldly success as anything of consequence. 

In other words, the behaviour of these women is so bad, suggesting a basic lack of commonsense or 'broughtupcy' that one would be forced to assume that getting rich and being successful is something any idiot can do. 

We all know that success takes time, determination, strategy and motivation. I would like to see that portrayed on these reality shows featuring black women and not the emphasis on every cat fight, brawl or hissy fit. Who in their right mind is going to take us seriously and furthermore, invest in us or even just want to fraternize with black woman? 

I think it comes down to this- social responsibility. Everyone nowadays thinks singularly; never thinking about the fallout or the impact that their behaviour or choices will have on the collective. Black people have had to struggle too hard, albeit with great success, but don't let us lose all that we have striven for by showcasing and highlighting the most treasured of souls on this earth- the black woman, as a twat whose worth to society is only to affirm aged old racist ideas.

Petra Marie…Inspired Be