Fitness 2014

Hey Guys!

I am on a journey and I am hoping that you will join me in the weeks and months ahead as the video below explains. Resolutions aside, we all want to feel good about ourselves and exercise is probably the best way to achieve this. So, with that personal challenge issued to myself, I will be starting a series following my own progress including the highs and the looowwwwsss. While my personal challenge is fitness this year (well, one of many) I want to take this time out to encourage all of you, with the present climate in Barbados and the Caribbean to not be overwhelmed by your present circumstances. I know that this will  in no way lessen your anxiety and sheer stress, but it is worth reminding you that by staying calm and present, the way forward WILL be revealed to you and that this moment of uncertainty IS a rare gift for you to know your strength,  God's unwavering dedication to each and every single one of us and your self-respect. 

Petra Marie...Inspired Be

Live Love Be