Love interrupted- Why my love affair with my sis means that I will never get married

Love interrupted- Why my love affair with my sis means that I will never get my soulmate.

In reference to my Valentine's Day message, I thought it best to really explore this issue of love. 

And then it hit me like a tonne of bricks: As women we are fed with the belief from birth that your soul mate is and will be the love of your life and that he (or she) is out there somewhere. Queue Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram 'Somewhere Out There'. 

But, I must say that as I contemplated love over this Valentine's Day weekend, I realised something that I have always known: I am in love; I do have a soul mate and why for the love of God didn't it match the belief or idea of love that has been fed to some many of us?

That question is necessary because  the identity of my one true love happens to be my sister. I swear on everything that is right, I have and will never know another love like this. 

Sadly love, soul mate love that is, is often only understood with a very myopic view. If it is not sex, man and a woman; mother and child; father and child, then it is not love. And of course, on romantic occasions such as these, Valentine's Day, sex, men, women and desire are the only factors that constitute love. 

But I must say that I have been so blessed to know and love this amazing lady for over 20 years that I can't believe that God has given me the privilege and the honour of calling her my sister. 

I have always been of the persuasion that reincarnation is reality. So, it is my belief- no I'm sorry, it goes beyond belief, this a soulful knowing that my sister has been with me a 1000 lifetimes before and will be with me a 1000 after. 

If language could ever afford me the ability to express my love for her, it would say this:

There is nothing that my sister could possibly do, say or think about me that could ever make me stop loving her. She could do no less than put a bullet in my head, burn down my house, steal my man and kill my children. My love for that woman is forever and complete and not a damn thing in this world will ever change that. 

If that isn't true love of the soul mate dimension, then I really don't want or deserve to know love of the kind that women have been made to believe since childhood.