Part One: Everything you need to know on spin cycling and the diet to support the results you want! Fitness Series Continued

Fitness Update 2014

Hi Guys!!

Remember that I shared with you guys that for 2014 I am on a quest for an improved fitness and endurance level. I admitted to you guys that I did not have a particular weight or size goal, which we will find out if that is SMART or not!

Of course if you have goals, they should be measurable so that evaluation of results can be put into the right perspective. 

But, I am taking a chance here. And this is as a result, of not wanting to be limited by or to a number. I really don't want to be restricted in anyway from this journey even though it is a goal. 

With that said, I think that I cheated you guys of the context of this journey by not giving you the full low down on my situation. So, I have decided to share with you my stats, and by the end of this year hopefully we will have a shared drum roll to celebrate the final results. Also I will share with you some of the particulars specific to this journey including the fitness apparatus used and my diet.

So here goes:



Height: 5,5"
Weight: 127-130 (fluctuates)
Bust: 36"
Waist: 34"
Hips: 38"
Thigh: 20"
Arm: 11"

Spin bike: Stamina CPS 9200 Indoor Cycle. Please see this link for all the info on the bike

It features all the adjustable levels for the seat, bar and of course resistance to increase the difficulty of your spin session.

Progress on Endurance and Fitness

I am going to be honest with you guys. I had tried the spin biking thing about a year ago, but after a muderous five minutes gave up and with that resided myself to the conclusion that anyone who would try such a thing in the name of fitness was surely M-A-D.

But I have to say that this time around with the determination and resolve to achieve a fitness goal for 2014, I have survived the second time around. The first time this second time around, which was on February 6th, I could only do 10 minutes. No lie!

But today and tonight I am proud to say that I have worked through it and I can now boast an hour endurance on the spin bike.

The main tip of the day when spin biking is do  it only when listening to music. Spin biking is one of those exercises that is like watching grass grow or a cow chew cud. So do yourself a favour and decrease the initial torture of this exercise routine with some of your best music in the world. Be sure to include different tempos and rhythms. Ultimately the difference in tempo will help to vary the routine in pace and resistance.

Please follow through and See Part Two for Diet and everything else.

Thanks Guys and always Be Inspired!!

Petra Marie…Inspired Be