Part Two: You gotta check this out! A daily meal plan for fitness that I know that you can do and works!

Following on from Part One above, check out the diet section.

Diet: To support this fitness routine, I have made it my business to improve my diet as well. Mind you , it has never been particularly bad. Although I must admit that on a lazy Saturday and a Cheffette less than 2 mins away from my home, pangs for a wing ding deal cannot be ignored. But I am working on it. And I have!!

So let's go through my usual routine diet wise for the day. A meal plan like this is usually repeated for every day of one week and then replaced the next week with an equally nutritious diet. So let's go.

I would start with Breakfast, but honestly my diet really and truly starts with the last thing that I eat before bed. I know, I know, eat before bed?

Well not quite.

Right before bed drink: 1 Tbsp of Aloes blended with ice water and lemon juice.  I really do believe that just like that late night bath or the night time beauty regimen, you should do something for your internal body as well while you sleep. I don't have to tell you what it does to you when you wake up, but feel free to take a lucky guess. I won't start my day any other way.

Breakfast Beverage: Herbal tea only! This could be Red Clover or Lemongrass (personal favourite) or Dandelion Tea. I use an infuser and it can be used again at least twice. So don't throw away the loose herbs from the infuser after just one cup. Put it away and use it for another time i.e. the same day. Like I said I only drink water or tea*; so probably 6/7 times a day but in most cases 5. Sorry, I am trying!

*Please note that I do not eat and drink at the same time. Tea or water, the only two things that I drink, besides the occasional smoothie, are drunk 30 mins before or after a meal, but preferably before. 

Breakfast:  I should really follow what I say because what I said above may be a little misleading. Sorry guys! I do have more than one breakfast menu during the week. Some of the following suggestions are, for the duration of the seven day week repeated. Ok, so breakfast for me usually includes, the Bajan version of Buljol- tuna sauteed in coconut oil with onions, Chinese cabbage, garlic and freshly diced sweet peppers. I don't like sweet peppers cooked; but I like the crunch so they are thrown on at the end along with some corn. It is just a filler. The human body cannot digest corn but it sure makes everything feel like more.

Breakfast: Mexican Scramble Eggs. I love this one, and I really don't have it too often, because as you can imagine eggs and beef (minced beef) which is what makes it I guess Mexican, needs a lot of salt- well maybe not a lot but more than I think is healthy for this fitness exercise. Two well beaten eggs with just a pinch of coconut oil and salt minced garlic (already prepared before), Chinese Cabbage, kidney beans, corn, minced beef and just a drizzle of shredded cheddar cheese if you wish. I love this dish because let's say that you have done shepherd's pie or chili con carne for Sunday lunch or dinner, you can use some of this for this absolutely delicious breakfast. Even better served in a pita bread or wrap!

Breakfast: Good ol' fashioned oats! I love mine firm- not watery and runny. I suppose you can say that I do mine to a consistency of almost like dough, almost as in not quite. But you get the idea when I talk consistency. I am trying my best as well to get off the sugar, so while I don't have honey in my home right now, I use vanilla essence. Just a toops!

Breakfast: Fruit salad. Bananas, diced only right before eating from the prepared bowl of fruit salad. Oranges, grapes, apple.

Midday Snack: Roasted Pumpkin seeds. Can't get enough of this one folks. I do this in a frying pan with just a bit of coconut oil as well, until golden brown and then I add raisins. Pack in a small container and carry with me. Delicious. I also may 'snack' on a smoothie as well. I think I will do a post on that alone later.

Lunch: A kaleidoscope of steamed or stir fried vegetables including Christophine, pumpkin, broccoli, plantain, pear.  Not all in this list, particularly pear is steamed or fried. I love my sliced pear pickled if you please. It is an excellent vegetable to include in your diet to ensure a good source of fats, necessary to ensure good digestion. Some starch, usually brown rice and peas and of course chicken. I am a sucker for a chicken wing, but as they say, breast is best and I am trying.

When I am not having chicken, I LOVE a red snapper fillet or king fish- flying fish does not hurt either and you can add it to your breakfast menu too. With this kind of protein, I usually do a baked potato or just some spaghetti.

Dinner: I am not a big dinner girl. Never have been. I honestly prefer a cup of tea and back in the day some toasted bread with some melted cheese. These days I stick to the tea, herbal of course with a snack. Plantain chips, cassava chips or even popcorn.

Sign off time for eating is..... When I feel like it, but I must say does not go past 9. I know I know I am Trying!!! But the general rule of thumb is 7 and sometimes that is just not practical. But I am trying and will in the coming months endeavour to comply.

I am presently trying to research choices in breads. All breads are not created equal of course and will get back to you on it. I will also try to research a little more on coconut oil as well because, trust me, before you pay your light bill make sure that you put this multi-use oil in your house. It is worth it in so many ways. Again I will discuss this at length in another post.

I hope to report to you guys in the coming weeks and months to ahead a myriad of fitness routines on the bike. I am presently looking for a registered fitness instructor for spin bikes to assist me in designing a long term spin bike routine.

If you want to contribute, hit me up and let me know!

Be Inspired!

Petra Marie…Inspired Be