The Morning After...

Free at last
Free at last
Thank God Almighty 
I am free at last!!

...The refrain that played through my mind the morning after I submitted my MA dissertation. 

Those who know me and my creative process, know that I have often likened my academic and literary endeavours to childbirth: Down right painful, but sooo worth it in the end. And this one was certainly no different. Months of isolation and discipline and blank pages and sudden bursts of insight too fluid to be caught on paper in time with the same smug "Damn, that was good!" indignation. What can I say, the frustrations sometimes too much to bear. 

But like all goals, I kept the end in mind and the beginning too. After all, I embarked on this journey (1year ago) with all the hope and sheer giddiness of approaching an impossible dream. You see, my dream from a young girl was always to be a published author- hence my focus on Literature. 

And hailing from the Caribbean, I have always been fascinated by this region's creative and cultural expressions. Indeed, some of my favourite authors in literature come from the 'Caribbean'- Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Kamau Brathwaite and Frank Collymore in particular. So, when the University of the West Indies (finally) introduced a new course to explore Caribbean Literature across Francophone, Hispanophone and Anglophone literatures, I jumped, literally, and in more ways than one! Not only were they going to (finally) embrace all of the Caribbean as a single literary unit, they were also going to allow you to do your own creative project. In other words, beyond literary criticisms- we're talking installations, film, visual art and of course, your own constructed literary pieces. Hell Yeah! The time was NOW!!

And so I took the step; expanding my knowledge in Caribbean literature while at the same time working steadfastly on my dream manuscript. And even with the aforementioned frustrations, I must admit it was rewarding- very. But never could I have imagined that by taking that first step I would create a forward momentum so unstoppable, that the day after submission, it would prove almost impossible (even with frustrations gone) to remove myself from my writing desk, my laptop, my notes, my notebooks and printer. 
The morning after
How could I stop?

Truth is, I couldn't and I can't. Even to draft an email has become a subconscious exercise in well constructed topic sentences and 'arguments'. 

So what is a girl supposed to do the Morning After?

Besides calming my nerves as I wait for results, I suppose reacquainting myself with myself; with my voice; and with my vision for 2014. They seem like as good a place to start this process of severe dissertation withdrawal. 

I wish to share this journey with you and this blog will serve as a platform on which to do so. It should be noted though, that while this first blog post which should serve as an appetizer of to things to come, the posts to follow will not carry the same trite, non-consequential tone as this one. 

Indeed, with Barbados at its lowest ebb now in terms of morale, my implication of 'The Morning After' unfortunately has a far graver meaning than the culmination of some piece of academic work.

Stay tuned

Petra Marie...Inspired Be
Live Love Be