Answering your queries. There is only one sin: Betraying the divinity that lives within you

Never had I anticipated such a response when I penned this post. I did not even anticipate that it would be read let alone commented on; but I am grateful for the response and will take up the challenge to 'answer' your questions.

Having read over the first post 'There is only one sin: Betraying the divinity that lives within you' /petramarieinspiredbe/2014/03/only-one-sin-in-life-betraying-divinity.html I realise now that I failed to define pertinent terms relevant to the argument. Forgive me.

I define sin simply as imperfection. Too vague? I don't think so at all. In most religions, it is taught that prior to the fall of man, utopia existed- a kind of perfect synergy between mind, body and soul, personally and of course dynamically and with the manifesting force of the universe- The Divine. 

It is this manifesting force that I believe lives within all of us as we are but a creation of it. And as the manifesting force has the ability to create- perfectly, so do we. But with the fall of man, the conduit that allows us to tap into our own divinity has been seemingly irreversibly messed up. 

Thus, without any will or reason to honour our divinity, we give up our power to, even when in a fallen state still possessing our divinity, we give up our power to exercise it- be our own manifesting force, thereby refusing to exercise our own autonomy.

This unwillingness to act on one's own behalf to manifest one's utopia without hurting, blaming, denying, using others has sadly been the trend for all mankind and the root I believe of all sin. In so doing, you betray/deny your divinity's power and thereby perpetuate a cycle of sin- if circumstances allow. And by that I mean, if you act in a sinful manner, it can only be truly perpetuated in others if they deny their divinity too. Hence why I say again that denying or betraying one's divinity is the common denominator of all sins and can then be defined as the only sin. 

Every human being and living thing has a divinity living within them and with that the power to manifest a utopia. You can choose to honour and use it or deny and betray it.

Ultimately what I am saying is that for all the misery and sin in this world, there is no greater force or power than the Divine manifesting force of the universe, that by the Grace of God, even in a fallen state, lives within in us and is ready to be tapped today.

Be Inspired!

P.S. I will do another post where I illustrate my belief in practical real life circumstances.

Petra Marie…Inspired Be