Beauty Haul: Sacha's Fushia Fire, Copper Rosa, Plumberry and Black Opal's Bon Bon

Backrow left to right: Sacha Cosmetics, Copper Rosa, Fushia
Fire, Plumberry. Front center: Black Opal Bon Bon

A little late, but better late than never- my beauty haul from Sacha Cosmetics. I know in the video /petramarieinspiredbe/2014/03/preview-for-march.html previewing this post, I did not mention Black Opal. However, I just had to. Black Opal of the two featured cosmetics brands is probably the most accessible of the two in terms of price points. Furthermore, this featured lipstick shade (not the actual lipstick) is one of my very first lipsticks as a young lady many, many, many years ago. 

Black Opal Bon Bon
Bon Bon unveiled
Anyways, I thought that it would be totally irresponsible of me not to mention it to you. Not only for the excellent shade of colour on women of colour, but also because it is not quite the same lipstick as I had back in the day. I am not sure if this is a good thing as we will soon see. I got that lipstick while going to BCC and into UWI. I usually wore it on days where I had my hair wrapped in scarf bun and wanted that truly exotic, but classic 90's hip hop look. You know, along the lines of Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice. Also at the time Lauryn Hill had just dropped her seminal album 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' and that kind of bold ethnic look was in. I loved it then because it was dark, rich and completely matte. 
 Today, it is not that rich dark chocolate brown that was totally matte. I wish I would have known that when I saw it online  and was so happy that Black Opal had kept this classic shade after all these years. Now, it is a creamy (smells so damn good) three shades lighter dark brown. I opened a tester in the store, and thought "Wait a minute, this a tad light for Bon Bon," but under those fluorescent lights I thought that maybe the true shade was not going to be apparent anyways. Furthermore, some shades of lipsticks do wear very differently on the lips than in the tube. 

Got home tested it and was like "Damn, it ain't my Bon Bon!" I am still happy with it though. I can't complain and I will not be ungrateful to Black Opal for keeping it in their product line. Would I recommend it? I would but only with telling you that it is not the original. So, you are informed!

Sacha Cosmetics
Now on to my beautiful Caribbean cosmetic brand Sacha Cosmetics that will always be for me the Holy Grail of all makeup lines. This it guys! You DO NOT have to look any farther than Sacha. Sacha first came to my attention when Donald Trump used Sacha Cosmetics for the 1999 Miss Universe. The year that the pageant, when it was in its hey-day, was hosted in Trinidad and the first African Miss Universe was crowned: Mpule Kwelagobe. 

I was familiar with it before, but never really ventured into that lane. Surprised at the time that it had a full website (this was in 1999) I was really impressed with not only the expansive product line, but with the knowledge sharing on makeup for newbies. This came with an easy, easy foundation shade selector, of which mine is Perfect Honey. Boasting a comprehensive selection of foundations, you are invited to choose the type of foundation that most appealed to you, from the classic liquid, to powder foundation to creamy and 'Kamouflage' foundation. After selecting your foundation shade and type, to further your "sure fire" experience, shades of lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, blushes and even nail polishes were also selected. This was not done to limit your choices but honestly because Sacha put in soooo much effort into creating the perfect look for you and for your skin tone so that as soon as someone saw you, you would look like you knew what you were doing, not to mention stunning!

I am not going to go into the foundations and powders, but I will focus on the lipsticks today.

Copper Rosa

Copper Rosa
This one has been a favourite for a long time of Barbadian women. But it is one of those shades that though is absolutely fabulous, it takes experience to apply correctly. Absolutely because of its metallic sheen, it needs a damn good complementary lip liner to go with it and Sacha does carry it. It is tad bit darker than the lipstick and with a copper rusty shade the liner has to be applied to perfection so it does not look like a three year old had a crayon and scrawled up your face. But I must say that when done right, you WILL look like a Caribbean Goddess- it is sooo beautiful. The only misgivings about this lipstick like the others to come is that the texture is a bit hard. These are not creamy lipsticks at all. And because of that you don't use a lot with every application and it lasts a looooooong time!


Plumbery is my day/work lipstick. As the name suggests it is a berry shade. Funny enough it does not photograph the same way in the tube as it does when worn. See below. In the tube it is a somewhat plain brown looking colour. I guess for my skin tone it is the
classic red lip look. It also has a coordinating lip pencil which is basically the same shade so it does not show up. Of the three Sacha lipsticks featured it is by far the safest and a bit boring. But it is a sure fire way of looking polished without overdoing it and giving you that feel of 'grown woman' in the house. 


Fushia Fire (Sacha spelling)

This shade has been around since I became acquainted with Sacha. That is how way ahead of its time Sacha was and still is. To this day, when you look at their complete lipstick or lipgloss lines, you will be amazed to see shades you didn't even think were capable of being worn. True Innovators and they are Caribbean!

Fushia Fire
Fushia Fire is the brightest shade of pink fuchsia that you can find . It is BOLD and NOT for the faint of heart. Despite its shocking shade, it does not come across garish or clowny if you know what I mean. Wearing this shade you just look like a confident, confident woman- not someone desperately looking for
attention. The shade is customised beautifully to really highlight those stunning undertones so that it looks like Y-O-U. Not something you saw in a magazine and decided to make a fool out of yourself for trying it. 

Like I mentioned before, to complement or accent these shades, Sacha does suggest lipglosses to go with them so you can have different looks with them. 

Price point wise, Sacha for what you get is not bad at all. It is certainly not break your bank MAC prices, but it is a little pricier than your beauty store bargain Black Opal. But for the range and for the product itself, it is worth investing in this brand. You will not regret it. It offers you that complete look, face, eyes, cheeks, lips and nails. And to top that all of the tools as well in state of the art brushes, palettes, and cases. 

Be Inspired!

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