Go Green or Go Home!

Hi Guys, Happy March 1st!!

I'm not sure that that is a celebration in and of itself, but I thought it nice to recognise that we are now 3 months into 2014. I am a spiritual person and the number 3- trinity, has resonates with me strongly.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you what has been on the menu for me recently, as in this week for the most part. Remember, I am on this fitness challenge for 2014 and good nutrition goes a long way in this endeavour.

So, check it out:

On the menu: Yam pie, flying fish, stir fried onions, broccoli, Chinese cabbage and samphire. No salt added to the stir fry hence the samphire.

Beverage: Banana, strawberry, mango and grape smoothie made with 2% milk, vanilla essence and a copious amount of nutmeg because it is my favourite spice.

Everything on this menu is healthy and nutritious and relatively easy to make with the exception of the yam pie if you are not into cooking that much. Notice, no gravy. I stopped eating that about a good 7 years ago. There is no need for it honestly.

I will bring more to you guys as the weeks go on as promised and I hope that you are well on your way to making significant strides in whatever challenge you have issued yourself for 2014.

Be Inspired!!

Petra Marie…Inspired Be