Living with purpose- Happy New Year

The new moon for April heralding the official official start of the year is upon us. And so, once again I have the privilege of making resolutions. However, as an Aries born this exercise done at this time, tends to be way more definitive than this exercise done at 'New Years'. 

I have said it several times before on this blog: I want to live a life where I have self-respect and dignity and a life where I can to live it too. It is not enough to just have it, but to live it too. 

And so how do you do that? I think that living a life with purpose or rather on purpose helps. When you live with purpose you have determined what will bring you joy and contentment and with that you demonstrate consistently a desire to live with enough integrity to stay true. With that said, of course different areas of your life would need to be addressed. One overall joy and contentment could never suffice, I believe. 

Get to know yourself. Like really know yourself. And with each revelation, you can make the necessary contracts that offer you the chance at joy and contentment. 

Mind you, the most important thing about living with purpose, is that you don't necessarily depend on others. I know, I know, I know. I get lambasted for this one all of the time. 

I am fiercely independent and I really do believe in autonomy because, you can't control anyone else. You have no power over anyone and no one has power over you. So why entrust your happiness and purpose to others. However, and this is a big however, there is no need to be selfish or act selfishly while living with purpose.

Of course, even with this ethos, I have dynamics whether it be family, friends, colleagues etc. And so, when you have these dynamics, implicit in these relationships is a sense of responsibility. And that responsibility is really to understand where the other person ends and where you begin. 

Every individual has their own autonomy to exercise as they should. The point is as this person makes their own choices and life decisions, it should not and must not stop you from having the experience that you have determined right for yourself. They can only ultimately make decisions and choices for themselves. 

However, when these choices are 'self-destructive', you can and often must choose to accept and 'remove' yourself from their sphere as much as possible. Because one thing that I have learned is that when people are on a self-destructive path they tend to pull you down one too. As I am often fond of saying, people can and will only treat you as good as they are capable of treating themselves. 

But do so in genuine respect of this person's right while still having respect for yourself and your purpose.

Whatever the dynamic, don't let anyone else stop you from living on and with purpose. That is your divine right and only you can claim it. 

So, what is my purpose- at least for 2014?

I really want to live that mantra that your body is your temple. I really want to honour that principle everyday for the next 365 days of this astrological year. And so, as you know, I have started since February my own fitness challenge and it is coming along quite well.

Also, in service to humanity, I really really want to hone my craft as a teacher. I am not satisfied with my performance as yet. I always like to be on point, like ten out of ten, and so I will commit myself to this goal wholeheartedly. 

Lastly as an aspiring writer, I have to dedicate myself to my goal and finish the damn thing. I'll let you know what the damn thing is as time goes on. 

Petra Marie…Inspired Be