Only one sin in life: Betraying the divinity that lives within you

That's right. 

I have contemplated this for quite some time and have concluded, when you look at the common denominator of all the misery and hardship in this world, it can only be attributed to one thing and one thing only: sin. 

Yes, I guess you already knew that, but while we are made to think that there are several kinds of sin, I believe that there is only one, albeit expressed in several ways. And that is, betraying the divinity that lives within you. 

I suppose in this belief you can see nuances of the Hindu belief system. The salutation Namaste embodies my fundamental belief in this life: We are all born with a divinity living inside of us that is made manifest on earth in millions of billions of ways as represented by every living human being and thing. Namaste is a greeting or salutation that allows the object of that salutation to know that their divinity is being recognised and acknowledged even before the subject has the opportunity to experience it- if they ever should. 

With the understanding that the Divine can be expressed in countless ways, it really does behoove us as human beings to acknowledge and accept the differences inherent in us all. And with a fastidious approach to this practice of acceptance and respect for all including ourselves, many of the frustrations, fears and disappointments suffered today would, simply, not be. 

I know that at first blush my view maybe a bit myopic if not idealistic, for you would surely find it necessary to consider the not so divine aspects of ourselves and others that really could be the instigator of misery. 

After all, what if you do live by the belief that divinity lives within all of us, but someone or a situation is malicious and painful without you provoking any such acts or events? What then? Can you still argue that there is only one sin and that that is the betraying of one's own divinity? 
I say yes still, and vehemently so because while you may surmise that the offender fails to acknowledge your divinity thereby disrespecting you, and should therefore be branded as sinner, it is your inability to trust the power of the Divine in you, that is responsible for your pain. 

Let me explain because I know that I am in danger of coming across a little off the rocks. 

When someone commits an expression of sin, it is not because divinity does not live within them or that their demons are stronger than it; rather it is because the person chooses, usually out of fear, to betray or deny their divinity. This fear of knowing, let alone living one's divinity is as paralysing as not having a spine. Hence we prefer to swim with the tide and the school of thought that it is better to be follow pattern, projecting our misery onto others, rather than to intimately know one's divinity and live in dutiful reverence of it. 

As a result misery ensues for yourself and for everyone you touch. And with that a vicious cycle that perpetuates even more misery as upon encountering people who betray their divinity you too are inclined to follow suit. A result of a knee jerk reaction or choice. 

I have not defined divinity up to this point- purposely so. It is my hope that by contemplating the above, you will come to realise that the divinity that lives within all of us is, the exercise of one's autonomy to be. 

To be happy, to be at peace, to be fulfilled, to be love(d), to be successful, to be inspire(d)! 

I guess you would argue that you can exercise your autonomy to be hateful, spiteful, malicious and deceitful. 

I would say that that is not being at all. That is in fact reacting. Two different states of consciousness that are almost impossible to reconcile; hence why reactions are so powerful today to the point that we forget that the external forces that instigate them will never be as potent as the divinity that lives within all of us. 

I can be happy even in the face of great adversity and suffering as a result of knowing, believing and honouring that great manifesting force that lives in me to create.

Hence, again sin is really just one's refusal to choose (exercise of one's autonomy) to be; denying your divinity the chance to realise its power to manifest. 

The key in this argument is to understand that if you can't do it for yourself, then how in God's name are you going to be able to do it for others i.e. honour you divinity. If you refuse to respect that great force that lives in you, then you will not certainly respect others'. 

The most important thing in people dynamics, is that when they refuse to acknowledge or respect your divinity, not to succumb to the same inertia as them; stand firm in the understanding that to react to them is to commit the only one sin that can be truly committed- betraying one's divinity.

Be Inspired!

Petra Marie…Inspired Be