Strength and Dignity...

What hurts the most is that I gave my heart, my time and my love to someone who thought no better than to just use and abuse it for their own pathetic 'gain'. And what did they gain? All I can do to answer that question is shake my damn head. And what hurts even more is that I invited that experience into my house for my mother and my sister. To you and to yours, I now know that we were nothing more than just convenience as you waited for your plan to come to fruition. What in God's name did I do to deserve that? Did my mother or my sister? We maybe three women, but we are not convenience, doormats or 'in the mean time chicks'. My anguish is not only that you would think so low of me from day one, but that I did not have the foresight or the commonsense to not decipher your 'plan'. You call it "a choice"; stop being a coward and call it what it was: a well planned out and conceived deliberate attempt to take advantage of a genuinely caring, albeit unassuming 'friend'. But for you to do that would mean that you
would have to start doing something you never did from the start: tell the truth.

You deny me the truth from day one and when I decide that my worth and value does not lie in deceit and manipulation, you got the nerve to cop an attitude. Don't do that to anybody else's girl child. Be a man and live with integrity, by conviction, a sense of purpose and direction and a personal responsibility to yourself and to others who you may invite into a dynamic. 

Petra Marie…Inspired Be