The movie scenes that make you wanna cry

There are some movies out there that I just can't help but have a tear jerk reaction to. While the entire movie can certainly draw this kind of reaction, I find that it is certain scenes in these movies that can make even the most hardened of humans lose their composure. 

By no means is this list exhaustive- at least in my movie watching experience. But I will list a few of the movies that have had an incredible impact on me to the point that every time they are watched (the millionth time by now) I can't help but cry. 

I wanted to start with the 'least' impactful of films and or movie scenes; but that is just not possible. So, I will start with probably my favourite one of all time. 

Tear Jerkers

  • Shawshank Redemption: I know of few who can get to the end of this movie and not breakdown. Over the Easter holidays this movie has had a very heavy rotation on cable networks. And who can blame them for showing it because for the season it certainly epitomises that life after death/Resurrection experience that characterises Easter. Even though the entire movie is a tear jerker, I think it is safe to say that two scenes really make it difficult to keep a straight face. In order of sequence, the first that I reference is when Brooks commits suicide. Man, let me tell you, that gets to you like nobody's business. It makes you aware of how important a sense of community is in life and how important it is to feel safe. In environments or situations that challenge us to step outside what we know and feel comfortable with, you are almost forced to go through some kind of 'death'. But unlike
    Brooks, that death is met with great enthusiasm for the hope of adventure and freedom that it brings. Well, he got that, alright- freedom and adventure, but on an emotional and spiritual level it was like being buried alive. He did not allow his misery to fester for too long and took his own life. The second one is, of course, the final scene. Andy and Red finally reunite on that beach in Mexico. Red says "I hope....". And that is exactly why that scene is so profound. For more than 20 years Andy has endured every situation where hope could not possibly be found. And yet, he holds on to it, never losing his faith and belief in a better tomorrow.... Forgive me, I could not write anymore. When I think about it, it is just soo touching. The hopeful ultimately reformed and triumphed over the hopeless. 
  • The Colour Purple: It is not my absolute favourite movie, but this scene that I reference is on my list of tear jerker moments in movies. Celie and Nettie's separation. I remember the first time that I saw this. I was young and balled like a baby. Being a teenager and a sister at the time, I could certainly understand the emotions that was felt between the two sisters as they were forced to separate. Their portrayal was just so real and the pain was undeniable. "Nothing but death can keep me from it
    Celie and Nettie The Colour Purple
    ." A screamed sentiment that I am reminded of every moment that I spend with my sister.
  • A River Run Through It: Only saw this movie a couple of times, literally. But it had a great impact on me. Once again a sibling dynamic is at the heart of this story as well as a parental one. I can't point to a single scene, but perhaps the one that I really am moved by is when at the end of a day of fishing both sons and father are sitting on the some rocks on the bank of the river just talking. Don't quote me on it though. That is how I remember it and it always made me think of my sister and my mother.
  • Titanic: I NEVER thought when I first saw this movie all those years ago, that I would ever reference it in any kind of list of credit. I hated it. I thought what in God's name was all the hype all about? I just did not get it. Fast forward a few years later and after, you guessed it, some personal experiences in love, I now get it. And as is the case of most of these movies, it is the ending that gets you every time. The idea that even in death there is no separation from love and that more importantly the calamity experienced during the sinking of the ship, a peaceful reverent after life is met, is so beautiful... and hopeful. Watching that, we all hope that in death we will and do have that experience. 
    Titanic Final scene
Like I said, this is by no means an exhaustive list. I suppose I may have to do another list some other time. But these movies and the scenes highlighted represent the best examples of the tear jerker movie. Let me know your fav ones!!

Petra Marie…Inspired Be