Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano, L.A. Clippers, Black People and The American Public- Somebody's a Patsy

Americans and Racism. Need I say more? I think that phrase pretty much sums up the meaning of the word ambiguity. And the recent scandal of Donald Sterling's taped confessions highlighting his opinion of blacks is the perfect illustration of this conundrum. 

I look at this situation only to discern the rampant hypocrisy that characterises it. I mean really; seriously?

Donald Sterling is a man well reputed for having the views that were expressed on the tape. Despite this fact, people are reacting, the NBA and its associates in particular, like they are hearing this for the very first time. 

What is even more of note to show the level of hypocrisy and sheer lunacy of the scandal, is that up until but a short few weeks ago, the NAACP was about to honour this man for his contribution to society- minority society. 

Yet despite his sterling contribution to society, today, we hear from the players and the L.A. Clippers' team organisation of the chance of boycotts and walk-outs. I mean really?

All you signed your contracts and played for him knowing who the man was. The NBA is a small family and if you have been in the league for years you knew; furthermore, if you just joined, you did your homework and made it your business to become au fait with the grapevine. Therefore, knowledge of the owner's reputation, which there by informs the culture of the team and its organisation was guaranteed to be had. 

Donald Sterling
So this is my point. Stop being hypocritical. You knew and chose to play the game for him. If it is such an offence to play for him now, why wasn't it then?

And with the flagship organisation for blacks, chomping at the bit to honour him despite his well known prejudiced views, why are black people all of a sudden so disgusted by the man?

There has to be something more to this than meets the eye. 

I suspect, with the tapes being released on his birthday and his present day marital status, some other matter must be the real, albeit hidden reason for this fiasco. 

 So, don't get played or tied up. Save your harsh judgments and strong arguments before you end being a patsy. 

Petra Marie…Inspired Be