10 Pound Pledge: Happiness is the Truth

Hey guys!!

Back again with another one of my personal days in review of the 10 Pound Pledge exercise program. 

I am going to change things up a bit. The first post I started by reviewing my exercise sessions; however today I am going to focus on the nutrition aspect of it first and then go to the exercises. 


In the first post of this series, I spoke about the invaluable advice offered by Kamila McDonald-Alcock. It changed my perspective on eating instantly. And when I say instant, I mean it. I stopped immediately eating all those honey roasted nuts. Anyone who knows me, particularly my family, knows that I have a serious addiction to honey roasted nuts. I could easily sit down and eat a whole can, maybe even two without reservations. When I read 10PP's explanation on why sugars should be avoided I felt an internal, emotional and spiritual switch to sugar and my fav indulgence- honey roasted nuts. 

Honey roasted nuts

That evening, before I had the chance to let her know, my mom had actually bought an entire bag of honey roasted nuts for me. They are still sitting in the same grocery bag. I have refused to eat them. Refused. I am not even suffering from withdrawal. 

I must admit though that nuts are my favourite snack hands down. And so not to deprive myself of this healthy indulgence, I have opted for baked nuts instead- and only a handful at a time. No more cans for me. 


I realised something since I changed up my diet: the most difficult thing was not keeping sugar out of my diet, it was actually salt. And to be honest, I don't like it that much. But after reading Kamila, I obviously came into a new state of consciousness when it came to food and my choices. So, after perusing many labels I realised that sodium content was kinda high. Furthermore, I honestly thought that to have good tasting food salt, well honestly bouillon cubes had to be added. That mindset has subsequently changed. As Kamila suggested, it was necessary for me to change up my palette from the harshness of salt to the complex melody of flavours that herbs infuse in any meal. 

I have been doing just that, using no salt where ever necessary and for seasoning adding a tantalising blend of herbs. For instance, scramled egg white or a egg white omelette does not require any salt whatsoever. Instead I use some chives, scallion, thyme etc to get the flavours going. And it is soooo good guys. So So good. 

However, there are some things where a little salt really is necessary. There is no other way to get around it, I think. For instance last week I showed on my instagram (@petranoelarthur) boiled herbed potatoes. Boiling the potato with the skin on, I needed just a bit of salt during the boiling process. And so I used sea salt as opposed to table salt. It was good. 

So you guys, get herbed up! It will change your palette and offer you a new found appreciation for the unbelievable herbs and spices that the Caribbean has to offer. 


I have never liked milk. Never. I guess I am a bit lactose intolerant. Since starting 10pp I wanted to focus on the healthier plant and seed based milks. Most popular choice in this category is almond milk. I just want to say not all Almond milks  are created equal. 

Do not run to the supermarket and just reach for almond milk as I unfortunately did because I assumed all are good for you. When I opened it the next morning and sat down to a bowl of muesli I just happened to turn the box to the side with the nutrition content. Low and Behold guys, I realised that the sugar content of this particular almond milk was way more than I bargained for. Way more. I never expected that. Further to that I looked at the ingredient list, and sure enough added sugars were listed: cane sugar and I assume gum

Almond milk: get the facts straight!

I am done with that. As of then, I eat my muesli with guess what- hot water. It tastes great and there is no guilt.At the end of the day the muesli has enough sugar in it already with the raisins and other dried fruit.  

So remember guys not all almond milks are created equal at all. Please check them out carefully. 

So what has this change in diet done for me?

So much!! I immediately feel the difference. And people are beginning to notice too! My skin is getting back its pre teen luster and I just feel so much lighter on the inside, if you know what I mean. 

Oh! How could I forget. I forgot to mention probably one of the most important developments in my diet overhaul. I challenged myself to not eat meat. I am so damn proud of myself. I actually followed through! Let me tell you, nothing means more than self-respect! I did eat some fish, but that is not meat. Remember I am living amongst people who are devouring some really nice cuts of chicken and lamb and beef. So it is not that easy at all. But I am totally committed to the task at hand. As Kamila says Out Do You!

On day 8 I believe I had a bit of set back that did not allow me to do day 9. Bummer. I was watching a late night tv program with my beautiful sister when out the corner of my eye, I spied a huge centipede!! I screamed "Centipede!!!!" and my sister and I were like gymnasts in that living room. We somersaulted, belly crawled, skipped and jumped in all but 10 seconds to get out of the room. I don't know how I got it done. I really don't. However, I tensed up so hard at the sight of the damn centipede that by the time I got up the next morning I was feeling absolutely sore and limping. I wanted to exercise, but I just could not even move my leg high enough to walk. 

I burn up such a sweat working out that with an injury I could not continue

Glad to say though, that I remembered Kamila during the cool down video saying that that particular video could be done anywhere anytime when you were still feeling the strain of a workout. Even though it was not the ideal situation for which the cool down video was prescribed, I decided to use it to recover. 

And it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not believe it! I did the video and in 30 minutes, it was like I never even had the damn muscle pull. I seriously cannot believe it. Seriously.

As for the exercises, I am coming along and getting better every day. I am increasing the number of reps in each session while building muscle strength. I am proud of my commitment and the already evidenced results. 

So proud

So check it out guys!! 10 Pound Pledge at www.10poundpledge.com and start your journey today!!

Petra Marie…Inspired Be