10 pound pledge week 1 review*

So, I have taken the pledge. As you guys know, I declared in February that I wanted to be fitness and health conscious for 2014.

I started this endeavour by doing spin cycling and focusing on my diet. Little did I know that a few months later, the 10 pound pledge would be launched; offering me a definitive plan to achieve my goals. The 10 pound pledge exercise series and nutrition guide guarantees the results of losing 10 pounds in 5 weeks if the combo package was purchased.

I purchased the basic package which was designed for those people who already had an existing exercise routine and wanted to challenge themselves to go a little bit further in their fitness health. As a result, the guaranteed results of losing 10 pounds may or may not be seen in the allotted time of 5 weeks . But I am totally stoked to see what the results will be because there will be results, guaranteed!

I will be chronicling my progress, trials, tribulations and triumphs throughout the coming weeks and months. I will do so on a weekly basis; this week being the first. The reviews will be broken down into two segments: The Workout and secondly 10PP Meals.

Day one @ 6:30 : I l-o-v-e the structure of this exercise program. It starts off with the warm up, and it is a real warm up. Fuh real!! By the time you are done doing this 5 minute warm up you will be sweating a lot.

I went into the first routine, 'Soaked'. I got through it, but I don't think that I looked as good as Kamila. Further to that, it is in this first workout that I realised my weak areas when it comes to fitness, flexibility and strength.

The segment with the plank routine was the most challenging for me. Holding a plank two counts of eight, I never thought could be so challenging. Add to that plank jumps!

Because that segment was tough on me, I was a little disappointed in myself and vowed to get it the next time. That was the same night. I prepared my mind for it and got to work. A little progress, but I was still not satisfied with my performance.

So I am facing a conundrum. Do I continue on to the other videos, or do I stick out one video until I have achieved that level of self-respect that I so greatly privilege.

I have always been of the opinion, it is not the end result- 10 pounds in 5 weeks, but the person that you become as a result of challenging yourself that really matters. So... I think that is why on a subconscious level I purchased the basic.

But with that said, I am pretty svelte as it is. However my problem area is my core. Now the basic package does of course incorporate core exercises throughout their work out routines; however it is not the focus of just (one) video(s) like the Combo package has.

So, I am taking these couple of days to think about  getting the Combo series after all. It is just that I will not be sticking to the 5 week goal because I now know that I will be doing over several of the videos probably a couple times before moving on to the next one so that I can feel a sense of mastery after each work out.

* At the time of writing this above section of the blogpost, I was on the basic package (June 19th). As I continue to write this post on June 24th I have subsequently purchased the full Combo package but I am continuing my review on the first few days on the basic.

Day 2 (basic package) 

I chose 'Jamaican Beach Body'. Let me tell yuh!! As we say in Barbados, "Cheese on breeaaaadddd!!" I must say after I felt so damn proud of myself. I stuck it through. But like the first day revealed to me, I must work on strength. And I will

Day 3 (basic package) 

I chose 'Red Hot'. It was perhaps my best exercise workout session. I still dropped dead though so much so I was not able to film my after workout vid. I had a real sense of achievement after. It was at this time that I seriously started feeling sore. My back, shoulders, arms, thighs, legs, glutes, even ankles felt the strain of the days' prior exercises. The only place where I really did not feel it was my stomach. Even with all those planks and burpees. 

This was the day I thought long and hard about my choice in the basic package. I really wanted to feel something in my core, stomach. With that longing, I switched my basic to the Combo and now I am on that programme. 

Day 4- rest. 

Day 5- I was not too sure how long the process of upgrading would take, so I went straight into another of the basic package videos. I chose 'Sexy in 600'. Damn!! That's all I have to say on that, thank you. 


I must say one of the most incredible things about the 10pp is the nutrition guide. So many exercise series come with nutrition plans...but not like this one!!

Kamila Mcdonald-Alcock lays it out in full detail just how detrimental some foods are to your health. This guide made me look at food in a COMPLETELY different way!!! And mind you, I am health conscious to the 't'. But I never thought or understood food like this before reading the 10pp nutrition guide. 

This guide is worth the entire programme in cost. 

I immediately switched my diet up after reading this. I challenged myself to exclude sugar and salt from my diet as well as meat. In the few days that I have done this, I have chosen to season pretty much everything with natural flavours of herbs. It tastes sooo good!! Seriously, try it. No salt or sugar and it is soooo good.

And I must say that I feel so much better for it.  More updates to follow, y'all!

Check out the pics below to see how the first few days have been for me in the kitchen, but first look at my after workout vids.

Egg white omelette with chives, basil, dill, thyme and NO SALT

Egg White Omelette in progress 

Finished product: egg white omelette with beans and lentils

Couscous with tomato, lettuce and feta cheese (oops!) 

My infuser for some nice natural herbal tea! Nettle, Goldenseal

Breakfast Muesli

Sweet potato creamed with almond milk and olive oil served with steamed veg and eggplant

Tangy salad: Herbed and pickled zucchini salad
Classic Caribbean Sunday Dish: Rice and peas!

Snack attack: Popcorn on the hob! Made it myself. Again no SALT

Lunch menu: plantains, 3 small slices not the whole thing. Penne, zucchini, broccoli and scrambled egg whites with a little bit of vegetarian cheese on top. A micro pinch of salt was added to the penne.

Petra Marie…Inspired Be