Retraction Necessary!

I am not going to lie to you guys, I have been through very terrifying ordeals over the last few years concerning what I am about to talk about.

I never talk about it directly, but coming off of what was stated by a senior government official on my evening news, I feel now and felt then when I heard it compelled to say something on the matter.

"Marijuana is more respectable"

As if I have never heard so much bullshit in my life.

Hear me out.


Marijuana has been around since Adam was a lad, right? Definitely. It is a herb or plant or whatever you want to call it like all the other herbs and plants on Mother Earth.

Why then would it not be 'respectable' ?

After all with that premise marijuana cannot surely have any inherent obscenity.

Do you want to know what then makes it obscene?

It is the behaviours and attitudes associated with the use of this herb.

I know all to well, hence my opening statement.

People nowadays have used their right to use and sell marijuana as their right to violate (in the strictest meaning of this word), bully, persecute and humiliate people. More likely than not people who do not use this substance.

I am a writer by trade and yet still there are no words that I could possibly use to describe or explain my experiences at the hands of this select group of people.


Now I understand! It is not respectability; the word that should have been used is popularity because it does not seem to be a select group anymore but the masses.

They assume that they have power and probably do, only but for the reason that they engage in these 'respectable' activities and with that notion of power, go out of their way to deliberately violate, dehumanise and publicly lynch people for no apparent 'respectable' reason.

Then when they are sadly held accountable for their actions, they sadly use their right to do whatever with marijuana as some kind of a scapegoat excuse and more importantly, argue that because you are standing up for your human right not to be violated that you are the immortal enemy of all marijuana users.

Are you kidding me!!!!????

I personally don't care if that is what you do with your life. Smoking weed is not a reflection of one's character or not. I am just saying it is not my kind of thing. What is absurd about the whole thing is people using their right to smoke marijuana as an excuse as to why I do not have a right to be!

I am human just like the rest of you and your smoking weed does not give you the right, the authority or the power to violate me.

So like I said before, the correct word should have been popular and not respectability, because in this context, these people do not understand what respect is let alone do it.

Petra Marie…Inspired Be