Sex and the Barbadian Woman

Since the 90's it was thought that women had finally made it. They were making their own money, taking care of their families regardless of whether a man was around or not and raising responsible, self-sufficient children. With these successes, it was argued that women had made significant strides in society. Of course these circumstances were by no means peculiar in Barbados- they were and still are the norm in most cases. 

Even though we have made these strides, I want to argue strongly that women, particularly in Barbados have not made any strides whatsoever. All of their apparent successes and accomplishments are nullified when you look at sex and its impact on Barbadian women. 

Firstly and sadly, sex is not an issue of the Barbadian woman but for the Barbadian female. Because to say woman would mean adult. No way! Sex is an issue for all Barbadian females from day one. 

And I do not understand why!!! Why Barbadian men (and women) are so fixated with the misuse of sex on Barbadian females. 

Sexual abuse in Barbados is pervasive. It is part of the culture. And that is a fact. So much so that any woman who finds it necessary to stand up against any form of sexual abuse no matter how slight is looked at as a weak moron of an idiot. 

It is a ridiculous fact of life for Barbadian females. 

Men feel it is Godly to have girls from the age of 15/16 breeding. That is what they are supposed to be doing. Forget all this education and professionalism bullshit. No Vashti! This is the point of view that fuels many fathers and uncles and grandfathers to break in girls for their own delight. 

And because sex is looked at as nothing sacred, its abuse is ALWAYS overlooked. Like I said for survivors of abuse and violence it is virtually impossible to get the help and support that is so badly needed. It is absolutely critical that survivors feel like their voice, their experience and their dignity matters. 

Not in Barbados. The day that happens is when Blackbird would have to suck teeth. 

And the scars are sooooo damn debilitating. It is just pure evil what men do to females all for the sake of sex.