What I know for sure

This is what I know for sure:

  • In life, it is not the victories or defeats that matter, but the person that you become because of them.

  • A man can and will only love you as much as he loves himself.

  • All you have in this thing called life is your dignity and your self-respect

  • We are all a child of God and we all share the same destiny- death.

  • The universe is the only real parent on earth- It has the best seat in the house, knows everything and cannot be manipulated. The universe is always wise and loving. 

  • As beautiful heaven is, it will never be as beautiful as standing in the presence of a confident self-possessed man who loves you. 

  • Never consider marriage until and unless you have decided that you are responsible for your self-respect and dignity and know how to achieve and live it every day. 

  • Nobody knows you quite like your sibling and it is the closest to an unconditional love that can be experienced on earth. 

Petra Marie…Inspired Be